Guiding Principles

Community Christian Academy exists to:

  1. Glorify God by reflecting His nature and Truth through the vehicle of a strong academic school. To accomplish this principle, CCA will:
    1. Integrate a Biblical Worldview in every subject, policy, and decision.
    2. Implement an academically rigorous program that will prepare students for success in the next phase of their academic program.
    3. Hire only mature, Spirit-led Christians.
    4. Incorporate frequent opportunities for prayer and worship throughout the school community.
  2. Reflect the diversity of the body of Christ. To accomplish this principle, CCA will:
    1. Be an independent, non-denominational, non-profit institution governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors.
    2. Maintain affordability to draw students from various economic backgrounds.
    3. Develop multiple revenue sources to supplement tuition.
    4. Pursue racial diversity.
    5. Welcome non-Christian students and families who will work in harmony with the values of the school.
  3. Engage the culture to promote critically-thinking students and to bring the light of Christ to the community. To accomplish this principle, CCA will:
    1. Teach students to apply a Biblical Worldview to relevant issues of the day.
    2. Build civic-minded leadership within the students.
    3. Work in partnership with other Christian organizations whenever possible.
    4. Seek support from local churches.